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Skyland Stargazers


Adopted: July 6, 1990


Name: - Skyland Stargazers


Purpose: - The promotion of the enjoyment of astronomy and astronomical observing in the company of friends.


Membership:    -     Must be 18 years of age or older.

 -      Must know how to use a telescope.     

 -         An individual must be invited into membership by a unanimous vote of the entire membership.

 -         Membership of the club shall not exceed fifteen (15) members in total.


Quorum:            -     Need 50% minimum of general membership.


General Meetings:             -     A minimum of six general meetings a year will be held every other month at 8:00 PM.


Officers:                           -     A president will preside over all general meetings.

                -         A secretary will record all minutes and will take care of all correspondences.

                -         A treasurer will be responsible for all money.


Note:                                -     The secretary will take over for the president in the event of his/her absence.

                 -       The treasurer will take over for the secretary in the event of his/her absence.


Elections:          -     By consensus, officers will be picked or elected in November and the elected officers will take their offices in January of the following year.

Amendments:    -      Any member who is in good standing with the club may propose amendments at a general meeting.

-         A majority of the quorum will decide if the proposal is to be voted on by the membership at the next general meeting.

-         The entire membership will be notified no later than ten (10) days prior to that general meeting.

-         A 2/3 majority will be needed to pass the amendment (2/3 of the members in attendance).

Cancellation Clause:          -     The adoption of this Constitution automatically cancels any and all previous constitutions.

Passed: September 21, 1990


Revised: March 5, 1999

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